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Uffish Thoughts: What is the Federal Government Afraid Of? August 16, 2012

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Uffish Thoughts: What is the Federal Government Afraid Of?

By Dan Davidson

June 18, 2012

– 649 words –


As the organization we used to refer to as the Government of Canada gets thrown under the omnibus (bill) by the group that styles itself the Harper Government, it seems time to ponder what, exactly, the Reformatories are so afraid of.

They did, after all, win the election, and they have a legitimate majority government. Oh, I know they only got 39% of the vote and all that, but whose fault is that? How many people failed to vote and therefore helped to hand victory to them?

Where was the actual strength of opposition that might have prevented that outcome? Despite the Orange Wave, the NDP were not quite ready for prime time, and the Liberals had yet to get past the post-Chretien hangover to combat a government that was in full campaign mode at all times (remember those parliamentary mail-outs and the constant attack ads?).

Grant all of that and you really have to wonder why the Harperites continue to act as if their near-death experience of late 2008/early 2009 was still something they had to fear. It’s as if they were afraid that someone was going to catch them with their hand in the cookie jar and call them on it. (Are you listening Dean Del Mastro?)

As a result they work overtime shutting down any possible trace of opposition – anyone who might contradict the party line.

Got a problem with Atomic Energy of Canada? Fire the person in charge.

Information from Statistics Canada doesn’t support the party ideology regarding crime statistics, immigration or any one of a dozen topics? Eliminate some of the information gathering tools that the agency needs to work properly and then trim all the regional offices.

Government scientists might just give people actual facts instead of toeing the party line? Cancel the speaking engagements, insist on vetting their speeches and articles and, if that doesn’t work, fire them.

Express legitimate environmental concerns over the rush to build more pipelines and you get branded a “radical with an agenda.” As if all groups that organize for any reason (especially political parties) don’t have agendas.

Be upset over government plans to peek at your email and get told that means you are siding with the pedophiles.

If you are still a government employee (after the most recent round of cuts) and you have any concerns that run counter to the talking points issued by your political masters, keep them to yourself.

Members of Parliament themselves are not immune from this type of censure, as a BC backbench member of the governing party discovered when he allowed himself to be videoed expressing his concerns about the manner in which certain legislation was being brought forward. His opinions were retracted and rephrased within a few days, and it seems clear he is unlikely to express them quite that way again.

The latest group to be muzzled (at this writing anyway) seems to be Parks Canada employees. While we all know that recent cutbacks are all about reducing the deficit, people at Parks were issued boilerplate letters with hastily conceived talking points built in.

These aren’t reductions, they’re reallocations based on a redefinition and repurposing of the mandate. Parks is simply restructuring its operations in order to serve us better, never mind that it will have to accomplish this miracle with fewer economic and personnel resources.

Oh – and be sure to mention the War of 1812 in all your correspondence for the next two years or so, because, although Canada as we know it did not exist then, and it may not have anything to do with the bit of Canadian history you are charged to interpret, it’s part of our redefinition of what Canada is all about and you need to get on board, Clear?






1. Jon Calon - August 18, 2012

Well written Mr. D.

Reading over the press release provided by VIA Rail when they were announcing the service cuts, the spin on that was just absolutely disgusting how much they insult the intelligence of the Canadian public. “we’re modernizing our schedules…”

Double-plus stupid. Big Brother abounds…

I have to wonder… Are the conservatives looking to complete their agenda before the next federal election in fear of the electorate wishing up and voting them out?

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