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Bookends: Different Types of Books for kids January 31, 2017

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Bookends: Different Types of Books for kids

By Dan Davidson

October 12, 2016

– 523 words –


From Apple Trees to Cider, Please
Story by Felicia Sanzaro Chernesky

apple-treesPictures by Julia Patton

Albert Whiteman and Company

32 pages


This amusin
g little rhyming story is all about where apple cider comes from. The narrative is about a trip a mother and daughter take to an orchard, which also happens to be a cider mill. It’s one of those “U-Pick” places, and the pair wander through the trees, picking various types of apples as they go.

They end up in the mill and we are taken on an illustrated tour through the cider making process, along with a father and son from a different family. It looks very much like the apples they picked are turned into cider for them to take home
along with some unsqueezed apples, and a variety of baked goods that can be made with apples.

They get the other goods at a festival on the farm itself at the end of the tour, and everyone has an excellent time enjoying all things apple.

The artwork is cartoonish, but colourfully effective in telling this story, and each two page spread has a rhymed couplet to carry the characters along.


Crash! The Cat

crash-the-catBy David McPhail

Holiday House

32 pages


No one knows why Crash the cat is forever crashing into things, but he is, and most of this story is spent showing us the various disasters he creates by behaving this way. Toys are broken, paint is spilled, baking is ruined. It happens so often that the family eventually takes him to the vet to see if he has some kind of vision problem.

It turns out that he doesn’t, but he upsets the cl
ean laundry as soon as they get home.

A few pages are spent telling us why they love his cat in spite of his crashing ways, and then we get to the solution to the mystery. One night they find out what’s going on. It’s not that he can’t see. It’s that he’s been seeing something that the rest of them haven’t been seeing.

Whether this discovery will end his crashing ways or not is left unresolved at the conclusion of the story, but it does have a happy ending.

Big Berry: A Little Moral Story about Gratitude

Rainy Day: A Little Moral Story about Worry

Birthday Cake: A Little Moral Story about SharingHappyland.jpg
By Dan Yaccarino

Workman Publishing

18 pages

$5.95 each

The Happyland series of board books is exactly what the subtitles suggest, amusing little books that teach a lesson about a particular theme. The colourful illustrations do most of the work as each book has probably less that 30 words and even those have repeated phrases. Half the double page spreads have no words, inviting the reader and the listener to come up with their own interpretations of what’s happening and how the characters are feeling. The books are sturdily put together and should stand up to a lot of use by their target audience, which is listed as being “0 and up”.






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